Economic Development - ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel

Five people who work in Schleswig-Holstein's largest industrial area and live near it give an exclusive insight into ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel. The focus is on the topics of chemistry, logistics and energy - topics of the future such as wind power and electromobility as well as the special situation of the area are also addressed. It was important in the conception and realization of the film to stage it like a short film - exciting and informative. Cinematic & dynamic images thanks to moving camera shots, aerial photography and animations. The film is used as a modern extension of the location marketing, for social media and classic fairs and events. For the international market, the spokesman Rolf Buschpeter has spoken an English version.

News on the ChemCoast Park website about the project: Brunsbüttel - Industriestandort fürs Kino

Title: 'ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel'
Script: UNEM-Filmproduktion
Days of Shooting: 5 Days of Shooting
Studio Services: Logo animation, Compositing, Timelapse
Technique: Camera Crane, Dolly, Slider, Gimbal, Aerial Video Drone
Speaker: Rolf Buschpeter
Client: EGEB (Entwicklungsgesellschaft Brunsbüttel)
Slogan: Chemistry - Energy - Logistics