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The UNEM-Filmproduktion nationwide realises promotinal films for small and medium enterprises, trade, crafts and industry since 2006.

The focus of the film production is high quality. Each film production is a solution individually tailored to the customer. The UNEM Filmproduktion provides a complete workflow, which at the end leads to the finished film. From pre-production, i.e. the creation of scripts, and the shooting to finishing in the studio everything is covered. A competent directorial performance, the selection of suitable GEMA-free music pieces, as well as the use of camera crane, camera dolly, drone shots, and cohesive lighting setup is a given.

The extensive studio services include compositing, bluescreen / greenscreen with an own studio and photo-realistic 3D visualizations. The finished film can be used in all popular presentation formats such as Youtube produced for the Internet, cinema and TV. For the cinema broadcast of the commercial, we offer the production of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). 4K is a standard for the UNEM Filmproduktion as along with professional speakers and actors.



Script, storyboard, budget
Organization: speakers, actors, makeup artists, sound technicians, catering


director, lighting cameraman
Equipment: Large sensor cameras, Light, camera crane, camera dolly,  Camera Drone


compositing, greencreen studio, 3D  visualization, 2D/3D animation

Output formatas

Internet, physical media, special formats per order such as HDR, Dolby-Digital or DCP

Promotional Film formats

Image film, corporate film, commercial, product video, interviews, digital signage

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