• „Commercials with the Canon R5” - 4K or not 4K

    As a film production company for advertising films and image films, we must always be up to date. When looking for a new, lightweight camera with good image quality for 4K from 24p to 60p, we added the Canon R5 to our arsenal. But which recording mode is the best for our clients?

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  • Director / cameraman with digital cinema camera for image film shoot

    „Digital film vs. Video “- Simply explained for customers

    Nowadays cameras are always digital, i.e. files are saved during recording. This applies equally to moving pictures and photos. But why do professional cameramen speak of digital film or cinema cameras in certain camera models? A film camera needs analog film – celluloid doesn‘t it?

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  • Commercial film shoot of UNEM film production at Novitas BKK

    4K Resolution for Corporate Videos

    4K video is the "new" video standard, because 4K TVs are getting cheaper. Whe buying a new TV the user gets beside a large display (50 "and larger) the 4K resolution without extra charge as a standard. For our 4K production we rely on digital film cameras from Canon: A Canon EOS C200 and as 2nd Camera for interviews or for Gimbal Shoots a Canon 1Dx…

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  • Meeting situation in a conference room

    Ad hoc presenting films in meetings or at trade shows

    With modern smart TVs nowadays it is easy to use films as a fast and effective source of information during meetings. Or use films as a continuous loop on a fair booth for your presentation.

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  • UNEM filming with employee

    Advertising Film Personal Rights Employees and Actors

    We, the UNEM-Filmproduktion, are producing commercials for companies and institutions for over 10 years.
    Often the performance of employees, who participate in industrial films, are misjudged by the entrepreneurs. Quite often there is a lack of communication regarding the tasks which an employee as an actor has in a commercial.

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  • Canon EOS 1DX Mark2 ready for action

    4k filming with a Canon 1DX Mark2 – DSLR

    After the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k (BMPC) and the Canon EOS C100, we are back to a DSLR from Canon for our film production – the 1DX Mark2. We would like to share our experiences filming with the camera and give personal assessments regarding the performance of the video mode compared to the C100. Main reasons for the change were 4k and the…

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  • Stage direction at the corporate video production

    Imagefilms in the Modern Brand Management

    At an event of the trade association Unterelbe Westküste eV the UNEM Filmproduktion held a lecture titled “Imagefilm in the Modern Brand Management“. In the newspaper Pinneberger-Tageblatt (1 February 2013) a press article is published about this. In the blog, we give a brief summary.

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  • [Translate to English:] Familie auf einer Wulff Med Tec Matratze

    Industrial film production for manufacturer of medical products

    2011 the UNEM-Filmproduktion produced the new image film for Wulff Med Tec from Fedderingen in Schleswig-Holstein. Wulff Med Tec manufactures medical mattresses made of foam which prevent pressure points of patients in hospitals who are confined to bed (anti-pressure sore). The blog article gives an insight view of the imagefilm production.

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  • Film Set Short Film Heart Racing

    Canon DSLR Short Film Heart Racing - 7D, 550D, 5D MarkII

    How do you create a short film? You need a good story, good actors and an attuned team. The following film report provides a glimpse in the production of our short film heart racing. For a cinematic look, three DSLRs from Canon, the 7D, the 550D and the 5D Mark II were used.

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  • Finished Compositing of the Motortruck Crash

    Compositing – Car Crash as a Special Effect for a Short Film

    For the short film “PHANTOMSCHMERZ” of students of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg Germany, Malte Derks und Daniel Jacob, the UNEM-Filmpro­duktion made a visual effect scene. The driver of a car should collide head on with a motortruck. To avoid complex stuntdrives the sequence was done in a 3D-Compositing.

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  • The Businessman Comic

    Compositing – The Businessman – From Drawing to the Film

    A cool commercial in the style of forties comic strips promotes the digital signage system Local-Monitor. The particular are the animated panels in the comic page. The following blog shows the creation of the film. From the idea through the compositing to the final film.

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  • Mobile Studio Before and After

    Mobile Film Studio – Appealing Product Films at the Client Site

    The demand for product films is rising. On exhibitions, the company website and on DVD companies are showing their products and abilities in moving pictures. Rarely a film productions finds optimal conditions in the company to present a machine optically appealing. Instead of transporting a manufacturing plant to a film studio now it is possible to…

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  • Bluescreen and finished result with background

    Bluescreen Studio – Technique and Application Examples

    Created by UNEM-Filmproduktion |

    With a bluescreen you can place an actor in any environment. The blue of the bluescreen studio is replaced by a movie or a computer animation.

    What to consider when building the blue screen and the implementation of scenes will be answered here.

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  • On Set of UNEM Filmproduktion

    Shooting Report Corporate film with DSLR and Technicolor Picture Style

    In the latest corporate video of the UNEM-Filmproduction for Rekord Fenster und Türen (windows and doors) the Canon 7D with the Technicolor Picture Style have been used. In this shooting report we explain the content focus and technical conditions of this corporate video production.

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