Imagefilms in the Modern Brand Management

At an event of the trade association Unterelbe Westküste eV the UNEM Filmproduktion held a lecture titled “Imagefilm in the Modern Brand Management“. In the newspaper Pinneberger-Tageblatt (1 February 2013) a press article is published about this. In the blog, we give a brief summary.

Arguments for an Imagefilm

There are many ways to advertise your business. Do you analyze exactly what your customers need to make a purchase decision? Have you asked the question of whether a advertising message in moving pictures can help? Thanks to many transmission channels I can show my film to many viewers. But it should not look like homemade, but must be told exciting. Remember that a high-quality brochure including the creation and printing costs costs the same as a high quality image film. With moving contents you are modern and appealing to a young audience. Imagefilms play an increasingly important role in recruiting, i.e. with the application of new employees.

Why Film?

It inspires confidence, it shows that you can do it and everyone can see it. Thanks to the Internet our viewing habits do change. There are for example more and more movie reviews at online news portals. You watch videos on Youtube about cosmetic or gardening. In short, we have become accustomed to watching movies. And the reason is simple.

Film is usually faster!

You can convey content in a film much more compact and more targeted. Customers do not have to tediously read up on a topic. Film can offer varied content or troubleshooting! Film explains, shows the truth. Before enovations you can still the customers fears and show how quickly and cleanly craftsmen work.

Example movie: Holcim Productfilm Prepol SC

The goal is to keep the visitors to have a focus on a topic or your business and contact you.

SEO as a reason for an Imagefilm Production?

(Search engine Optimiziationg)
A pragmatic reason for the integration of imagefilms on the homepage is Google.


Google often shows alongside text results also video search results. These results are clicked more often than text headings. If the film is well done, I stay longer on the website. Whenever people spend a lot of time on one the webpage, this is an important signal that there is relevant content. This is good for the ranking. The company’s website is found above previous results. Thus, film content can aid for a search engine optimization.

What can an imagefilm show?

In 3-6 minutes an imagefilm can show the most important information about a company. Imagefilms show products, goods or services.

  • A service provider communicates: We offer that!
  • An industrial firm shows its customers: We can do it!
  • Films arouse emotions: A Convertible filmed on the coast road causes in customer shopping desires.

Critical look at Imagefilms?

I woulnd’t watch advertising voluntarily, who wants to see that! If I search for a product or a company, I am also interested and therefore open to certain content. This can be used!

Where can you see Imagefilms?

At first you have to put film content on the webpage or on video portals like i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Imagefilms online

You can reach potential customers through the following devices:

  • Smart-Phones
  • Smart-TVs in the living room
  • iPads on the sofa
  • PC workstation in the office.

Imagefilms on site

Large LCD are an inexpensive way to present an imagefilm in the waiting area at the front desk of the company. A modern variant are advertising platforms / digital signage in stores, at checkouts, airports, etc.

Example Video Local-Monitor:

Or you present your imagefilms the classical way at fairs on your own booth.

Those who can afford it and if the target group fits run a commercial in the cinema or on TV.

In addition to pure advertising, there is also an added value!

Recruiting with Imagefilms

Imagefilms are good for recruiting: potential employees can get an idea of your company. The internal marketing of the employees the feeling of belonging to the company is strengthened by acting together on camera. You can use this too, if your employees pass on a youtube link to show the film to their friends: I work here! A great movie, a great company!

Regional Marketing in Imagefilms

If companies show with moving images from the region where they come from, then they accomplish regional marketing. That means, you are proud of your region, here you really feel comfortable. This increases the binding and is also good for recruiting. It is important to present an authentic picture of the company without exaggerating. Then one creates trust.

The exciting Imagefilm

Making a film is always to tell a story. This takes also effect in imagefilms. In the dramatic design, it is important not only to enumerate a number of facts, but to attract attention – and thus create excitement. When we make a movie, we consider not only the product or service itself, but we are preparing the contents so that a dramatic arc occurs.

Example film: Gastro Großküchen Geräte GmbH – Our skill is what we do.

How are high-quality commercials produced?

More example for film productions:

How do we produce high-quality imagefilms?

In our imagefilms we always set light move the camera like in a cinema movie and we direct the employees with stage directions. We are not documenting, but we show the flick of the wrists of your staff quickly and perfectly.

A view behind the scenes:

Making Of Wulf Med Tec GmbH

Link to the Imagefilm of the Wulf Med Tec GmbH:

Image film of Wulff Med Tec

Conclusion: Imagefilm Productions for your Company

The client – so you have to want it! For we, the film production, depend on your input in the development of ideas!

Content of the lecture “Imagefilms in the Modern Brand Management”

  • Why imagefilms and where to show the films?
  • Dramaturgy: How to illustrate content to create an exciting movie!
  • How do we produce imagefilms?
  • Rights and obligations to copyright owners
  • How expensive is that?

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