Mobile Film Studio – Appealing Product Films at the Client Site

The demand for product films is rising. On exhibitions, the company website and on DVD companies are showing their products and abilities in moving pictures. Rarely a film productions finds optimal conditions in the company to present a machine optically appealing. Instead of transporting a manufacturing plant to a film studio now it is possible to optimise the presentation on site.

Purpose of a Product Film

Product films are showing functional principles, the efficiency and the posibilities of machine and products. Not only major industrial enterprises, but also small and medium sized businesses can use that kind of presentation. The medium film is well suited to present and describe complex products.

What constitutes a good Product Film?

A premium product film is characterized by the fact that the focus is on the product or machine. Not only contentwise but visually. A machine filmed in a warehouse shows a machine filmed in a warehouse. Potential clients shouldn’t judge the production hall. They should understand the product. Distraction in a film is a huge problem. It’s counterproductive, if you see things in the background that don’t belong to the film. For example a factory hall with scratches on it or a postman in the window.

The Mobile Studio in a Factory Hall

Modern product films are dynamically cutted with detailed shots and have to convey a statement within a few minutes. Backgrounds built in the factory hall are neutralizing unsuitable surroundings. They are available in a variety of colors. It’s possible to realize short downtimes for example for expensive machine. That’s because the mobile studio is built around the machine while it’s still in operation. An additional transport or to wait for an exhibition to film the product can be omitted. In addition those backgrounds can be used for text overlays or effects.

A remarkable Film for Exhibitions

For a good product film you need an appealing visual language. With camera crane and dolly, products and machines can be presented in a special way. A remote head on the crane allows for interesting perspectives from above. With a tripod alone you can only achieve very little.

Appealing Product Films attract Attention

High-quality pictures require high-quality equipment. The new procedure means to save time and money in the production process. And of cause it looks much better. For modern product films the UNEM filmproduction’s studio goes mobile.

Product Film – Making Of Mobile Filmstudio

Product Films in the mobile Studio

Product film in the mobile studio