Industrial film production for manufacturer of medical products

2011 the UNEM-Filmproduktion produced the new image film for Wulff Med Tec from Fedderingen in Schleswig-Holstein. Wulff Med Tec manufactures medical mattresses made of foam which prevent pressure points of patients in hospitals who are confined to bed (anti-pressure sore). The blog article gives an insight view of the imagefilm production.

Making of the Imagefilm

The Making of shows impressions of the imagefilm production.

Concept of the image film

The image film shows the production in Fedderingen and expert advice of the Wulff Med Tec GmbH for hospitals, nursing homes and mattresses at home. This creates trust for potential customers. Image elements and emotional images loosen up the technical production process. The main features of the mattresses are shown. The consulting services will be represented by multiple settings in the hospital and in the showroom of the company.

The image film begins with an intro, in which the importance of a good mattress is presented pictorially and in speech. An emotional bond is established so that the client think about their sleeping comfort. - A happy family in bed, a patient who is getting healthy again and a woman who is recovering from the stress of the day – Symbols for quality of life due to a good mattress.

The image film has been produced in two lengths. The 2min summary provides an overview to arouse interest in the company. In the 7min image film the production process of the Wulff mattresses are explained in detail and features are highlighted. This detailed information is supposed to convince the decision makers of major hospitals and emphasize the expertise of Wulff Med Tec.


In a preliminary discussion with the management of Wulff Med Tec important contents are determined. From this information, the concept and the narration of the image film is developed and presented. Only then begins the production. The imagefilm recordings in the hospital were filmed in West Coast Hospital Heide (WKK Westküsten-Klinikum Heide). The hospital is a customer of Wulff Med Tec. Therefore, the press service quickly agreed to the request by Wulff Med Tec for filming in the hospital. The hospital management has given us an empty patient’s room. The press spokeswoman was there during the filming and has actively supported the production. By wearing a uniform clothing with the company logo the employees of Wulff Med Tec are represented as a team in the production hall.


The shooting

Image film was made in two days of shooting at three locations. The shooting started in the morning at 8 o’clock in the Westküstenklinikum Heide. The first scene of the day is about to be prepared. The hospital management has given us a twin room. To compensate for the bright window in the background, a 2kW softbox and a 600W stage is used on the ceiling.

The essential parts for a quick recovery are a thoughtful care and a good mattress. For the intro sequence of the image film the nurse brings the patient a glass of water to the bed. The camera dolly moves from right to left on the patient.

Wulff Med Tec advises hospitals in the selection of suitable products. In the imagefilm a medical consultant explains the proper use of special positioning aids.

In the image scenes (family, hospital) slow camera movements bring calm into the picture. While in the production, the pace of camera movements, crane shots and the cuts is increased in order to rise the tension by a variety of different images.

Customer intimacy is important for the entrepreneur Heino Wulff so that the company boss gives a brief statement. The interview scene was filmed during regular production, without disturbing the production process. In the film, the differences between medical products and personal products are shown.

Techniques for realization of the image film

A lightening of the room and spot at the heads cause the people to better stand out from the background. With the camera dolly, we have filmed several scenes.

In the foyer of the hospital, the medical consultant is welcomed by an employee of the nursing service.

For a basic lightening we have the softbox on the right. A spot which is pointed at the back of the woman’s head is causing her to be distinguishable from the background.

The camera crane brings unique perspectives in the image film of Wulff Med Tec. We use the Canon 17-55mm zoom lens with 17mm wide angle. An ND filter allows an aperture of 2.8, which brings a cinematic depth of field.

3d animation of the mattress

In the image film the benefits of the mattresses are visualized in a 3D animation. The speaker comments the animation. The colors of the mattrasses and protective covers are optimizing clinic procedures, To lie pleasantly, the viscoelastic layer must be above. Gray is below. Quality made in Germany.

The viskoelastic layer of the mattress and the cold foam is composed in the 3D animation. The 3D figure shows the indentations of the body in the mattress. The 3D animation shows that the spine is straight.

Cutting of the Image film

Over 80 settings were planned and also filmed. The narrator Martin Magestro has narrated the image film. For the different times of day in the bedroom scenes we set up different lighting – bluish hues for the night, warmer for midday sleep. The image film is color graded in warm colors to create a pleasant atmosphere.

The emotional moments are also accompanied by quiet music while the technical production process has faster rhythms.

Usage of the Image film

The image film is used on the company’s website and on DVD. For the acquisition of hospitals, the film is sent as links in emails. In presentations on site the image film is shown and images from the film refine PowerPoint presentations. In the entrance area of the showroom of the company the image film runs on a large LCD screen in an endless loop.

Short version of the Imagefilm on Youtube