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What does UNEM stand for?

The Director's Statement "Und Noch Ein Mal" which means "do it again" it is our name and our philosophy. It stands for our thoroughness and the loyalty of our customers, because we have many customers who regularly commission us.



In the beginning, we will discuss with you your goals, where the film is shown, the film length - and your budget. We write a coherent script and prepare you for how the filming is done. Only then will production begin: shooting, finishing and delivery.

- UNEM Blog: Making Of Filmproduktion -


The cost of a film is determined by the shooting days, the film length and the locations. At your company location or one of your references, simple image films can be created in one day of shooting.

  • What type of film do you want to produce? Coprorate video about the company, recruiting, employee interviews, funny situations, presentation of products, explanatory film on how a product works.
  • Is a speaker desired/required or is text displayed?
  • Is an actor desired/required or is this provided?



We offer you a special camera work with camera crane, camera dolly and slider - and we work with light. A fitting music and a professional speaker complete the films. For the delivery we consider different formats for internet, cinema and TV. In our film productions, 4K is the standard. For an additional fee, 8K productions and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mixes are also possible.


If you want a bit more, we offer 3D animations, models, actors, aerial videography or different language versions as an extra. Examples can be found under Studio Services.