4K Resolution for Corporate Videos

4K video is the "new" video standard, because 4K TVs are getting cheaper. Whe buying a new TV the user gets beside a large display (50 "and larger) the 4K resolution without extra charge as a standard. For our 4K production we rely on digital film cameras from Canon: A Canon EOS C200 and as 2nd Camera for interviews or for Gimbal Shoots a Canon 1Dx Mark2 and a Canon R5.

What does 4K video resolution mean?

4K offers 4x higher resolution compared to Full HD which has a resolution of only 1920x1080 pixels. More pixels mean more detail and raise the level of  4k video to that of a moving photo sequence.






720 x 576

Standard Definition (576)

Television digital | analogue


1280 x 720

High Definition (720)

Television gigital


1920 x 1080

Full High Definition (1080)

Television digital


2560 x 1440

Quad HD (4x720)

Computer monitors


3840 x 2160

Ultra HD (2160)

Internet streaming, Computer monitors


4096 x 2160

4K > 4000 pixels wide

DCI Digital Cinema Initiatives [1]

Resolutions usage and designation

What is the difference between 4K and UHD?

UHD stands for Ultra High Definition so an "ultra high resolution" with 3840 x 2160 pixels with the known aspect ratio 16: 9. By contrast, 4K comes from the norm of digital cinema with a slightly higher resolution of 4096x2160 pixels and a slightly wider aspect ratio of 17: 9. In practice, the terms blur. 4K and UHD are used synonymously because in practice the difference in resolution is very small. Therefore, the name 4K has also prevailed for the slightly smaller UHD resolution (3840 x 2160).

To be fair, it has to be said that 4K or UHD only make the advantages of the greater detail sharpness visible from a screen size of 65 ". But there are other advantages of the new technology, especially on the recording side using a digital film camera.

Die UNEM-Filmproduktion als Produzent von Werbefilmen und Dokumentationen bietet ihren Kunden auf Wunsch einen kompletten 4k Workflow – von der Akquise, Monitoring im Studiokino und bis zur Auslieferung | Distribution.

4K Video Details

4K offers advantages in post production due to the large pixel resolution. Thus, for a HD master, ie a film delivered in 1920x1080 pixels, a new, lossless image section can be reframed by enlargement. We use this e.g. in interview situations, which are then mastered in HD resolution. So, due to the higher resolution, the number of cameras can be digitally increased and the shooting speeded up.

With the 4K mastering, the greater detail sharpness also provides more scope for a "reframing" option or image stabilization. The following three pictures are 4K screenshots of a timelapse sequence from an image film produced by us and demonstrate the quality and details of a high resolution video.

Sharper HD because of 4K

A digital 35mm Cinema Camera like The Canon C200 has a digital S35mm image sensor similar to the image gate of an analog film camera. The colors are generated with a color filter, the so-called Bayer pattern, since the image sensors only record brightness values (Y: green).


The HD version of movies recorded in 4K will become more detailed due to oversampling, have higher color resolution, and are therefore of higher quality.

Youtube and 4K Videos

4K videos offer more options for better quality on Youtube, as high-resolution videos achieve optimal playback quality on all devices. In the private sphere spontaneously filmed "funny moments" can be shown without a particularly good quality on the Internet, because it certainly does not bother many users. But with advertising, how-to videos, explanatory films, short films, and most other staged formats, high resolution and good quality is crucial. Professional companies should also present themselves professionally.

YouTube may drive 4K the most!

YouTube favors videos that have a resolution of 4K in search results. In addition, the upload of movies to Youtube has the advantage that all devices present those films in the maximum quality possible.

All resolutions, from SD to 4K, data rates and file formats are automatically converted to fit the device and the internet bandwidth of the viewer. Every viewer can actually watch your content.

Let's be clear: YouTube favors a maximum resolution of 4K and also allows for a better picture in all downscaled resolutions due to the "supersampling effect" and the larger data rate of a 4K video file.

The best for last: Qualitative photos from your films

Gone are the days when video could not keep up with the quality of photos due to resolution. Quality of the 4K video is so good that you can easily get photos for your website, brochure or ad campaign. 4K video corresponds to a photo resolution of over 8Mio pixels. This underlines the added value of 4K film production. That's why you as a customer should not do without it.


Once you got used to it, you really do not want to get away from the 4K experience! 4K is future-proof and offers many advantages for your brand communication.

With us, the customer gets - in addition to a good story - 4K as a standard:

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[2]Quelle: Light Iron, a Panavision company, offers creative and technical solutions for a seamless post production: