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Stadtwerke Itzehoe

The Stadtwerk Itzehoe are the basic provider for electricity, natural gas, water, heat and fiber in Itzehoe. The image film produced by UNEM Filmproduktion shows a casted family and in how many places they comes into contact with the products and services of Stadtwerke Itzehoe.

Title: 'Stadtwerke Itzehoe'
Script: UNEM-Filmproduktion
Days of Shooting: 2 Days of Shooting
Studio Services: Logo-Animations, Animations, 2D-Compositing
Technique: Underwater Camera, Slider, Gimbal, Aerial Video Drone
Client: Stadtwerke Itzehoe
Slogan: Gut leben mit den Stadtwerken (Living well with the Stadtwerke)