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Volunteer Fire Department of the City Meldorf

"We need you" is the motto of the image film for the volunteer fire department of the city Meldorf. Not everyone feels adressed when called to volunteer for the fire department. But our film shows "everyone can join in" because everyone is needed, after all, it's a volunteer fire department. The film is on the website of the volunteer fire department and in the cinema.

Title: 'Jeder kann mitmachen (Everyone can join in)'
Script: UNEM-Filmproduktion
Days of Shooting: 1 day of Shooting
Actor: Thomas Görlich and the troop of the
Volunteer fire department Meldorf
Studio Services: Compositing, Animationen, 4K
Technique: Slider, gimbal, aerial video
Slogan: Du hast uns gerade noch gefehlt (We need you)