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Digital-Signage | Indoor-TV

The UNEM Filmproduktion produces animations and commercials specifically for digital signage. How is it achieved that viewers stop in front of a digital signage system? By showing pictures from your region. How clever digital signage works is demonstrated by UNEM Filmproduktion together with 3Base Art and Media Marketingberatung ( Digital Signage Monitors are set up at busy locations such as supermarkets, hardware stores or cafes and display animated commercials. Digital signage spots can also be used in indoor TVs or in shops. In contrast to a poster, commercials can be used multiple times, for example on the homepage or at fairs.

The classic advertising poster is increasingly replaced by display advertising with commercials and animations. The greater attention of a moving image makes digital signage the 21st century advertising column. The trailer shows excerpts of the program loops of Schuhkay shoe chain, which is one of the most important shoe retailers in Germany with more than 55 branches.